Girl Cartoon Metal 2 Layer Pencil Box (Random Design) - Pencil Case Kids Children Kotak Pensil Budak Perempuan

Product Sku : Girl 2 Layer Pencil Box

Girl Cartoon Metal 2 Layer Pencil Box (Random Design) - Pencil Case Kids Children Kotak Pensil Budak Perempuan

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Introducing our enchanting Girl Cartoon Metal 2 Layer Pencil Box, a delightful accessory that seamlessly blends functionality with whimsical charm. Designed with the vibrant spirit of young minds in mind, this pencil box is a perfect companion for students and artists alike.


  1. Captivating Design: Adorned with adorable random girl cartoon characters, this pencil box adds a touch of playfulness to the daily routine of organizing school or art supplies. The charming illustrations make it a favorite among children.

  2. Durable Metal Construction: Crafted from high-quality metal, this pencil box ensures longevity and robust protection for your precious stationery. The sturdy material safeguards contents from any potential bumps or knocks during transportation.

  3. Two-Layer Organization: Equipped with two spacious compartments, this pencil box provides ample space to neatly arrange pens, pencils, erasers, and other essential items. The dual-layer design allows for efficient organization, making it easy for users to locate their tools quickly. Length 20.5cm, Height 3cm, Width 8cm.

  4. Secure Closure: The pencil box features a secure latch closure, keeping the contents safe and preventing any accidental spills. This ensures that your artistic tools remain intact and ready for use whenever inspiration strikes.

  5. Portable Convenience: Compact and lightweight, this pencil box is designed for on-the-go convenience. Slip it into a backpack or tote with ease, ensuring that creativity is never far away whether at school, home, or on the road.

  6. Multipurpose Functionality: Beyond its utility for pencils and pens, the 2 Layer Pencil Box is versatile enough to store small accessories, such as erasers, sharpeners, or even a small notepad. It's a versatile organizational solution for a variety of needs.

Indulge in the fusion of practicality and whimsy with our Girl Cartoon Metal 2 Layer Pencil Box. Perfect for fostering creativity while keeping supplies in order, this charming accessory is a must-have for any young artist or student. Make school days more enjoyable and organized with this delightful addition to your stationery collection.

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