Adult Premium DTF Printed Cotton Shirt (Random Designs and Color) S - XL

Product Sku : Adult Printed Cotton Shirt Unisex (Random Designs and Color) S M L XL XXL

Adult Premium DTF Printed Cotton Shirt (Random Designs and Color) S - XL

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🌸 Quality cotton wool material. Medium thickness yet comfortable.

🌸 100% Cotton. Comfortable, soft, breathable and absorbent material. 

🌸 Premium Printing using DTF Method. Very sharp, lively and colorful finishing limited for size S-XXL.

🌸 For plus size 3XL-5XL, we use silkscreen printing and random unisex designs will be given.

🌸 Suitable for indoor, sports and leisure. All purpose.

🌸 We have many more designs not shown in here including cartoon, quotes, logo and others. Images shown here are only samples.

🌸 We will send random colors and designs subject to availability. Choosing is not allowed. Can only choose size.

🌸 We deal with many factories to produce these items, so cutting may vary slightly from factory to factory and batches to batches.


This product sold as random design/color because not all designs/colors are available in all sizes. Apart from that, this is a fast selling items, so we won’t be able to cater customers with photos for a specific sizes/designs/colors available in our hands to avoid operation delay and miscommunications in processing.


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