STABILO EXAM GRADE 2B Pencil (288/12 Normal 2B Pencil box of 12s, Blister Set Exam Kit Set 288BL6S1 )

Product Sku : STABILO EXAM GRADE 2B Pencil

STABILO EXAM GRADE 2B Pencil (288/12 Normal, 2B Pencil Blister Set OF 6'S)

Price : RM 5.39

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The graphite pencil for school kids and students. Soft, dark lead for filling in multiple choice questionnaires confidently and clearly, HB and 2B pencils – for all exam papers

- Pencil Shape: Hexagonal

- Graphite pencil for exams

- OMR Tested : Optical Marker Reading, 100% Error Free

Product Detail

Stabilo Exam Grade 2B Pencil (288/12 Normal)

- Product name: Stabilo Exam Grade 2B Pencil

- Product Quantity: 12pcs

- Product weight: 62g +/- (Including packaging)

- Product code: 288/12

- Colour Shade: 2B Standard

Stabilo Exam Grade Exam Kit Set (288BL6S1)

- Product name: Stabilo Exam Grade Exam Kit Set

- Product Quantity: 1Blister Pack (Consist of 6 x 2B Pencil, 1 Eraser, 1 Sharpener, 1 Ruler)

- Product weight: 70g +/- (Including packaging)

- Product code: 288BL6S1

- Colour Shade: 2B Standard



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