Anakku Detergent With Softener Refill Pack (100ml)

Product Sku : Anakku Detergent With Softener Refill Pack (100ml)

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Anakku Detergent With Softener Refill Pack (100ml)

Anakku Baby Laundry Detergent With Softener effectively cleans your baby's clothes and napkins. It is suitable for cleaning for 0+ months newborns to kids and up. The detergent is specially formulated with natural soap nuts for effective cleaning power from nature itself.

Anakku Baby Laundry Detergent combines Enzymes that removes stubborn stains. Its surfactants and cleaning agents are milder compared to normal liquid laundry detergents, making it suitable for delicate baby skins. The addition of softener can soften fabric for comfortable wear. Also delicately fragranced to keep clothes fresh for longer after each wash.

** Suitable and safe cleaning for all fabrics

** Suitable for the whole family

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