Adult SHORT JOGGER Pant Unisex (Random Designs and Color) S M L XL XXL Men and Women

Product Sku : AdultSHORTJOGGERPantUnisex

Price : RM 6.70

Size :
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Quality cotton wool material. Medium thickness yet comfortable.

2 Side pockets, waist string to adjust and 1 back pocket (depends on supply batch)

Comfortable soft material. Unisex and normal cutting.**

We have many more designs, pictures and brands. Images shown here are only samples.

We will send random colors and designs subject to availability. Colors options include black, dark blue, or grey shades only.

Finishing varies as well from gold foil or regular silkscreen printing.

Choosing is not allowed. Can only choose size.

OEM products only, not original.

**We deal with many factories to produce these items, so cutting may vary slightly from factory to factory and batches to batches.


This product sold as random design/color because not all designs/colors are available in all sizes. Apart from that, this is a fast selling items, so we won’t be able to cater customers with photos for a specific sizes/designs/colors available in our hands to avoid operation delay and miscommunications in processing.

We do have other items that you can choose design/color. You may browse through our store in case if you prefer to choose.

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