Oxforg Mathematics Instrument / Geometry Sets / Jangka Lukis

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Oxforg Mathematics Instrument / Geometry Sets / Jangka Lukis

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Introducing Oxforg Mathematical Geometry Set – your essential companion for precision and creativity in the world of geometry and mathematics. Designed to cater to both students and professionals, this meticulously crafted set provides you with a comprehensive assortment of tools that empower your geometric explorations with accuracy and ease.

Inside this elegant and durable metal case, you'll find an array of high-quality instruments to elevate your geometric endeavors:

✨ Compass: Crafted with precision, our compass ensures flawless circles and arcs with its smooth adjustment mechanism. Whether you're constructing angles or sketching intricate shapes, this compass is your reliable partner.

✨ Protractor: Achieve unparalleled accuracy in angle measurement with our clear and easy-to-read protractor. Perfect for constructing, measuring, and verifying angles in geometric constructions.

✨ Ruler: The included ruler features both metric and imperial measurements, catering to different needs and preferences. Its sturdy construction guarantees straight lines and accurate measurements every time.

✨ Set Squares: Our set squares come in various sizes, allowing you to create perfect right angles and precise geometric shapes effortlessly. They're ideal for drafting polygons, parallelograms, and more.

✨ Pencils and Eraser: The set includes high-quality pencils for clean lines and precise drawings. The eraser ensures mistakes are easily rectified, maintaining the integrity of your geometric creations.

✨ Sharpener: Keep your pencils sharp for intricate detailing with our dedicated sharpener. Its precision blade guarantees a fine point for accurate markings.

✨ Metal Case: The sleek and sturdy case keeps your geometry set organized and protected. 

✨ Instructional Guide: For those starting their journey in geometry, our set includes an instructional guide that covers fundamental concepts and helpful tips to make the most of your tools.

From drafting geometric proofs to creating stunning visual representations, our Premium Mathematical Geometry Set empowers mathematicians, architects, engineers, students, and hobbyists to bring their ideas to life with unparalleled precision.

Whether you're in a classroom, studio, or office, this set will be your trusted companion on your mathematical journey, helping you turn abstract concepts into tangible masterpieces. Elevate your geometric pursuits – order your set today and unlock the world of precise, creative mathematics.

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