Free shipping for orders over RM250.00 applicable for Peninsular Malaysia only.
Dropship, Wholesale, Shipping & FAQ

Dropship, Wholesale & FAQ


Just follow below steps:

1. Promote our products at your website/FB/Insta/Shopee/Lazada at your MARK UP price. Our price is NETT. The price shown is not included postage charges.

2. When you get orders from customers, check for stock availability in our website. Our stocks are live updates.

3. Get payment from your customers and place order with us. Postage charges will be based on weight. Our system will calculate the postage charges upon check out.

Payment receives BEFORE 12pm will be out on the same working day and reach recipient on within 1-3 working days.Any payment receives AFTER 12pm will be out on the next working days.

4. We will send the items direct to your customers and put "PROCESSING CENTRE" as a sender.

5. Tracking number will be given for your reference. You may give the tracking number to your customer as a proof of delivery. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: You are responsible to follow up your own customer's parcel status in case any delay occurs in shipping. You may trace and track you parcel HERE

6. Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS before you start selling and make sure your terms with customers also in line with us to avoid any misunderstanding in future. 




Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • When can I start selling your product?   


  • Do I need to register to become your dropship agent?

No, just submit your order online.

  • Is there any registration fee to be your dropship agent?

NO, It's FREE!

  • How long you can reserve stocks for us?

24hours (1 day), If there is no payment receive; order will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.

  1. Can I copy your picture?  
  • Yes, please. Just copy and start selling.
  • Are your products ready stock?

 Yes, all our products are ready stock in Malaysia

  • What about postage charges? Does is charge based on quantity or weight?

Postage fee will be charged based on weight. Our system will automatically calculate the postage fee based on item(s) weight.

  • How do I get the tracking number?

Once parcel has been shipped out, you will get the tracking number in your order.

  • Do I need to follow your Terms and Conditions for my customers as well?

Yes, you must follow our T&C at all time to avoid misunderstanding from your customers.

  • Can I sell your product in Shopee and use my own Shopee AWB?

       Yes, you may use your own Shopee AWB at a very minimal service charges of RM0.50/AWB




1. We are now offering wholesale opportunities for resellers to venture in small business and also enjoy better profit margin. Only selected products are up for wholesale as for now and the collections will soon grow bigger and bigger.

2. You can set your own selling price and are not bound to follow our retail price. You can decide on your own margin.

3.All our prices are set to be the lowest possible, therefore we could not offer free shipping. Our store free shipping is only valid for items that are purchased at retail price for total of RM250.00. However, if you mix purchase retail products at RM250.00 and then add on wholesale item, then you can enjoy free shipping as well.

4. For all wholesale order, we suggest the use of Citylink Courier due to economical charges. For parcel weight up to 5kg, shipping fee is RM12.00 and for parcel up to 10kg, shipping fee is RM13.00. For heavier parcel, our system will calculate postage upon checkout.

5. All our stocks are live update for registered wholesale member (First purchase is required to join this group). Upon joining, you can check our balance stocks live and place your order. You do not have to contact us to check stock, everything can be done easily. If our stock indicates sold out, but there is still pictures in website, that means other customers already placed order and yet to make payment. We will delete picture of any permanently sold out item and update with new one from time to time.

6. We allow up to 24hours time for stock reservations and failure to make payment within this time frame, then we reserve the rights to cancel your order without prior notice.

4. Please take note that in some cases, you may receive some minor defect item due to printing, smudges, missed stitch, inaccurate size label and other. In such cases, you are encouraged to either price them low and clear off your stocks. If unable to do so, then please gather the defect items and post back to us. We will replace with a new one in your future new order. We DO NOT offer refund for shipping as we could not sell the items as well. Mostly will be donated or scrapped off.

5. You can use our pictures and size chart for sales purpose and no permission needed. You can also email to us any suggestions for best selling items for our considerations. Shall you need any consultation, feel free to contact us. All the best!

1) Open AWB Shopee as below:
2) Press Control + P, then you can view as below:
3) Choose Destination as Microsoft Print to PDF then press Print
4. Name the file as SHOPEE AWB and Save at Desktop
5. Check the Shopee AWB PDF file at Desktop. Then attach this file in email and send to us together with your payment proof. Done.



Shipping Cost

Ship to Sabah/Sarawak (Poslaju)

Below 2kg Category (Document Rate)

First 500g – RM13.00

Additional every 250g – Add RM2.50


More than 2kg (Parcel Rate)

First 2-3kg – RM36.00

Additional 1kg – Add RM9.50


Ship within Peninsular Malaysia (POSLAJU)

Below 2kg Category (Document Rate)

First 2kg – RM6.30


More than 2kg (Parcel Rate)

2-3kg – RM10.50

Additional 1kg – Add RM1.50


Ship within Peninsular Malaysia (CITYLINK A)

Below 5kg – RM12.00


Ship within Peninsular Malaysia (CITYLINK B)

5kg - 10kg – RM13.00

Additional 1kg – Add RM2.00