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Kids Sticky Dart Ball Game Toy Children Leisure Fabric Board Activity (Random Design)

Product Sku : Kids Sticky Dart Ball Game

Kids Sticky Dart Ball Game Toy Children Leisure Fabric Board Activity (Random Design)

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Introducing our Kids Sticky Fabric Dart Ball Game Toy – the ultimate blend of fun and skill for your little ones! Watch as excitement and laughter fill the air as they engage in this thrilling and safe dart-throwing experience.


  1. Safe and Sticky Fabric: Crafted from a specially designed fabric, our dart balls stick securely to the target without causing any damage. Your kids can enjoy endless hours of play without worrying about sharp darts or potential harm.

  2. Designs: We have so many designs in stock and random delivery will be given. If you buy more than than 1 piece, we will give all different designs.
  3. Easy to Use: The game set comes with three soft and lightweight dart balls, perfect for small hands. The user-friendly design ensures that even the youngest players can participate, promoting hand-eye coordination and motor skills development.

  4. Versatile Sticky Wall Hook: Set up your dartboard anywhere with the included sticky wall hook. Whether it's the bedroom, playroom, or even outdoors, the hook ensures a secure attachment, allowing for dynamic gameplay in various locations.

  5. Hours of Entertainment: Keep your kids entertained for hours as they aim, throw, and watch their dart balls stick to the target. This game encourages friendly competition and social interaction, making it an excellent choice for playdates, parties, or family gatherings.

  6. Indoor and Outdoor Fun: The durable construction of our dart balls and sticky wall hook allows for both indoor and outdoor play. Rain or shine, your kids can enjoy this exciting game year-round.

  7. Educational Benefits: Aside from the sheer enjoyment, our Sticky Fabric Dart Ball Game also provides educational benefits. Enhance your child's focus, precision, and strategic thinking as they aim for the bullseye.


Bring joy, laughter, and skill-building into your child's life with our Kids Sticky Fabric Dart Ball Game Toy. Order now and let the dart-throwing adventures begin!

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